Deep knowledge and best practices to make IT4 deployment successful

We offer our customers the right professional services to help them maximize their investments.

In this context we work to design, deploy and maintain their IT4 Governance solution.

IT4Control has defined a particular approach to implement an effective IT Governance, backed by PPM, APM, demand Management and ad hoc Reports and dashboards. We follow a rigorous methodology which delivers a pragmatic implementation. This methodology involves the collaboration of our clients working with our consultants in a team project. This will lead to success by ensuring the cohesion of the process, the alignment of the solution, and the acceptance of the solution by the employees our client. We also pay attention to Integration into management processes and support.

To complete implementation services, IT4Control offers training solutions designed to develop the skills of your staff, maximize the use of the IT4 solution as well as Return on Investment.

Proof of concept

IT4Control helps IT4 customers for project implementation.

IT4Control is also able to organise POC in order to validate a project.

Please contact us for POC realisation:

Training IT4Control

ITControl proposes a training for administrators.

This training session describes the basic IT4© concepts.At the end of this cursus, the administrator will be able to customize the platform
and to add components according to the entreprise needs.

Customer area

Please contact IT4Control support department to get your login for customer area access.

Professional services

Our consulting methodology includes a complete approach for adapting our piloting solutions to the context and maturity of our clients. We apply it to client companies of all sizes and to all markets and businesses. Our methodology comprises a series of steps:

« Planning » Phase

This phase consists in defining the project perimeter, objectives to be attained and criteria for success. Key strategic issues are clearly identified during discussions between IT4Control and the client. IT4Control validates the appropriateness of the solution desired by the client within the framework of a macro implementation plan that will begin with the analysis phase.