IT4© for ITSM & IT Governance

IT4© was designed on a full-Web technological infrastructure that is light, robust and secure

Our technology allows benefiting from the functionalities of a heavy client through an optimized Web client, without any deployment and while maintaining complete security. These functionalities provide more than consultation: they include calculation formulas, search definitions, complex report definitions, impression of pdf books, filters etc. The integrated Web configuration environment allows fast adaptation to the organization and specific processes of each company.

In terms of security, the integrated management of profiles and access rights guarantees that only authorized users will be able to access the information that concerns them. The solution is accessible in the HTTPS secure mode.

IT4’s integrated repository

IT4© features a repository that is the true core of the solution and comprises the datamart for the information system: it classifies, consolidates and tracks the history of all information and data from the system. This repository thus integrates all data tied to applications, projects, technologies used, internal managers, external contacts, business, economic or technical indicators, etc. The repository can also be used as a CMDB for integrating all information necessary to operational use. It is possible to configure IT4Control products to establish rules for relationships and impact between IS elements.

Data management

Data is stored in a relational database that is the true IT department repository. It is thus available at all times through IT4© to provide reporting and performance indicators.