For Project Portfolio Management

4PPM® is the portfolio management function designed for IT departments and IT managers, Project Managers and PMOs as well as Business Owners

4PPM® is the Projects and Initiatives Portfolio Management function that is integrated in IT4©. Its goal is to provide an easy-to-implement solution for piloting projects by means of their essential characteristics. 4PPM® is created for IT departments, Planning and Design, IS managers, project managers or directors, and small and mid-sized companies.

4PPM® provides a detailed description of each project in a project file, which is a veritable project ID card: project leader, sponsor, business criticity, expected business benefits, etc., as well as the business case and ROI, without forgetting all financial elements and elements tied to the planning schedule.

The lifecycle file provides information on current project status, risks, status of costs, progress, where the project is within its lifecycle, etc. 4PPM® next supplies the performance indicators and multi-criteria reporting on the projects to enable controlling their costs and associated risks and to avoid drift.

4PPM® provides a simple and concrete way to attain the following objectives

  • Obtain a strategic overview of projects: 4PPM® provides a high-level overview of projects and the project portfolio in order to ensure a clear appreciation of the portfolio, to anticipate malfunctioning and thus to deliver projects on time and within budget.
  • Implement operational piloting of projects: 4PPM® pilots projects to meet deadlines, stay within budget or execute project processes.
  • Adapt project piloting to organizational evolution: company and IT departments evolve and project processes evolve with them. This is why 4PPM® is designed to adapt immediately to the organization.

Everything necessary for operational piloting of projects, without useless complexity

4PPM® features the following functionalities and elements for proper project piloting:

  • The project file is personalizable and describes the components of each project (person responsible, sponsor, which organization is concerned, current status, business case, ROI, etc.). Financial elements are integrated: planning schedule, budgets, scheduled actions, completed actions at a given date, actions planned for year end. Elements tied to the planning schedule are indicated: start and end dates, milestones, etc.
  • The lifecycle file describes project life: current project status, previous status, state of project advancement, next actions to be carried out, etc. The lifecycle file has a history that enables following project evolution throughout project lifecycle. Numerous elements may be added or modified to tailor the file to company organization.
  • Management of tasks and planning schedule
  • Entering of time on the time sheet
  • Document management: it keeps track of documents that have been exchanged, at what time and sent by whom
  • Specific reports related to operational aspects

Maintain a strategic vision

Thanks to 4PPM®, managers will benefit from, among others:

  • An overall view of all projects
  • Elements for analyzing opportunities for introducing new projects in the portfolio, such as the business case and ROI, or scoring reports
  • Consolidation of all information in project monitoring and performance indicator summaries that can be used for decision making
  • Consolidation of budget elements
  • Simulation of the best portfolio according to precise criteria
  • etc.

The solution offers a number of predefined or on-demand reports. Here, a trade-off report and a screening report according to the number of initial days, initial budget and ROI forecast.