The Company

IT4Control supplies IT departments with the means to successfully align the information system with company goals and to implement a strategic dialog with general management and business units.

Management and Business Units

IT4Control proposes a truly collaborative governance platform. IT4® integrates company goals and ensures their proper implementation within the system. IT4® pilots the entire value-creation cycle, from project design to service, by way of projects portfolio, applications or requests for upgrading.

The IT4® platform is the keystone that supports technical possibilities, business objectives, skills and financial strategy. It also allows tooling and industrializing IT department administration processes so that IT teams are relieved of repetitive tasks and are free to concentrate on creating real value while system administration costs are reduced.

In this way, implementation of IT4® generates an immediate return on investment.

IT4® is a software solution for either on-site implementation or as a service (SaaS) for mid-size and large companies, as well as for communities and administrations.

As part of its standard offer, IT4® integrates all the functions necessary for governing the IT system:

  • 4PPM® for Project Portfolio Management
  • 4APM® for Application Portfolio Management
  • 4ISM® for IT services and IT department piloting
  • 4DRM® for managing requests, bugs, faults and other ITIL issues

All IT4® functions are integrated within a Web portal for piloting and governance.

Our Clients

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Our Partners

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Why work with IT4Control?

New model

IT4® is the next generation SaaS solution
for IT management & Governance truly on demand: Quick, Flexible, Inexpensive.


IT4® is immediately available in SaaS. It is already configured for a quick-win project.

IT4® comes immediately with the functionalities you need to start quickly with Project and Application Portfolio Management, Infrastructure Management, Demand and Request Management, Service Portfolio Management, etc. Afterwards the configuration and functionalities can be adapted and increased in days, not months.


IT4® is the right solution for many aspects of IT and Resource Management, including PPM, APM, Demands, Services, HR, Services, and much more.

Besides IT4® provides its Integrated Development Expanded Environment (IDE) to develop and configure customized Management Solutions, for instance compliance audits, questionnaires, specific workflow, etc.


IT4® is priced with a low monthly fee which integrates everything. You don’t have to worry about hardware, installation, datacenter spare room, software licence and maintenance because all is includes in the monthly fee.<br>IT4® is designed to increase its functionalities over time. It offers all features in a simple, all-inclusive and on demand pricing.<br>IT4® is designed on a low margin model which leverages IT4Control knowledge, customer experiences and productivity gains brought by the web. Hence our customers benefit from new features with no extra fees.

We want our non-technical customers to be able to have a look at IT when they are part of a project or simply when they want too, without fearing it costs too much.

Our Philosophy

At IT4Control we believe that our mission goes beyond merely providing services to our customers. We believe that new technologies have a great role to play in the evolution of human society. They should benefit to everyone, from the supplier to the end user, whether individual or member of a company.

More Value – Less Cost

The use of new technologies can not be in a simple and unique business relationship. It should ensure that men and women collaborate together, are more efficient, concentrate on creating value and interesting tasks.
This is why we share our customers the productivity gains enabled by our solution and SaaS.

In concrete terms it means we offer a new Business Model, in which our customers get more value for less cost.

NGOs and Non-profit

To conclude we believe that a company and its employees must prosper and live in harmony with the economic and social environment that allows them to develop. This is why we encourage charitable initiatives and we provide conditions for NGOs and Non-profit to use our services.

Contact us if you want to propose an action or benefit from our NGOs.