For Demand & Request Management

4DRM® is the module for managing requests, incidents and bugs.
Totally stand-alone, 4DRM can be used with the 4PPM® and 4APM® functions.

4DRM® was specified for faster response to user requests and an increase in IT team productivity.

4DRM® was designed to help industrialize the processing of requests and incidents, notably in the context of implementation of a quality and ITIL approach.
Its goal is to help the IT department offer better service for users and better-quality deliverables and to pilot responses in a way that increases team productivity. Managers will thus be able to decide whether company IT teams or external service desks are the best qualified and have the best cost-to-processing speed ratio.

Management of all types of requests

4DRM® collects requests concerning all events and objects related to information systems:

  • Upgrade requests
  • Assistance requests
  • Bugs
  • Incidents
  • Projects Services
  • Ideas for new products and services
  • Strategic initiatives
  • Detailed description according to type of request (category, reproducibility, severity, priority, version, etc.)

4DRM® then processes these requests:

  • Classification
  • Evaluation
  • Validation/non-validation and approval using an integrated workflow
  • Attribution of priority levels and certain details (configurable)
  • Assignment of requests
  • Management of associated notes
  • Associated chat
  • Reports and statistics

Assignment and processing can thus be allocated to the most profitable opportunities.
4DRM® takes into account the management of unforeseen tasks and calculates the impact of their potential repercussions, their degree of criticalness and their level of priority.

Cost management and productivity measurement

4DRM® calculates the cost of work done according to resources allotted.
These elements can thus be used to invoice clients for work.
Processed requests and their costs are archived in such a way that it is possible to know whether a request has already been processed and, if so, how much it cost.

The solution also supplies reports that establish how long it took to process the request so that productivity can be measured:

  • By entity or service desk,
  • By type of request (priority, business area concerned, etc.),
  • By technology.

4DRM® can also provide the top n of elements (personnel, services, etc.) that are the most productive; the goal being to attribute budgets and resources according to these elements.